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What people say about our programs.


    "The Ed.S. program at Kennesaw challenged how I perceived myself as a teacher and the assets my students bring into my classroom; I became inspired to stretch limits, explore leadership, and challenge the status quo in my classroom and school."

    Kyle Jones
    Ed.S., Secondary Education, 2014


    "If you are looking for some great ideas to implement into your everyday teaching, this is the place to go. I give a lot of credit to the school [KSU] because they really cultivated everything that I wanted, put it in a nice package, and gave me the confidence to do it well."

    Karen Artis
    M.Ed., Elementary Education, 2010


    "I have a much better grip on my job and have a much better sense of how my grad degree connects to tech leadership work. You will walk away prepared for both educational leadership and technology leadership – a combination perfect for our college and career focused 21st century students."

    Rebeka Bryant
    M.Ed., Educational Leadership, 2009